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We were contacted by the Singtau about our family and my bid to run for San Leandro School Board. See the link below.

Our Platform

I am often asked variations of the question of, “Do you support …” My response: I support San Leandro school families. I will work for equity and unity in our education system. I will strive to end wasteful spending chasing new technology that goes unused. I will advocate for direct area elections vs. district-wide elections […]

Say no to Status Quo

It is the endorsement season for politics. Over the coming weeks, you will see lots of politicking about who has who’s endorsement. Endorsements in of themselves can help get their message out and let voters know what other groups think about a candidate. That can be a good thing. However, the endorsement process favors the […]

Family and continuous learning are my core values. As a husband, father, veteran, and technologist I can bring a fresh perspective to a school board that needs to represent parents with school-age children today.  My wife and I have three children in the San Leandro Unified School District starting from kindergarten through high school. Dedicated […]