Say no to Status Quo

It is the endorsement season for politics. Over the coming weeks, you will see lots of politicking about who has who’s endorsement. Endorsements in of themselves can help get their message out and let voters know what other groups think about a candidate. That can be a good thing.

However, the endorsement process favors the incumbent for a number of reasons. This makes it incredibly hard for a new candidate because the process is not uniform, consistent, or in a few cases, equitable. There are many clubs, associations, and groups. Each with its own set of rules, processes, and schedules for candidates.

As a new candidate, I’ve found the process to be at times difficult and other times quite wonderful. I am grateful to have had an opportunity to share our vision for schools. I appreciate all of those who support our desire to improve our schools by supporting my candidacy.

However, I want to be very clear. I am running for families. I am running for the parents who are trying to balance providing for their family while at the same time trying to ensure their child gets a quality education. I am running for the teachers who are working overtime to learn new techniques and methods for teaching our children due to distance learning. I am running as a father of three children going to school today. I am running for you. So when you see endorsements in this political season remember to choose a candidate that is running for you, and not for the political upside.

Say no to status quo! Vote Richard Chennault for San Leandro School Board in November

Published by Richard D. Chennault

Family and continuous learning are my core values. As a husband, father, veteran, and technologist I can bring a fresh perspective to a school board that needs to represent parents with school-age children today. My wife and I have three children in the San Leandro Unified School District starting from kindergarten through high school. Dedicated to public service, I have served on educational bodies such as the Local Control Accountability Plan, Citizen Board Oversight Committee, and John Muir Middle School Parent Teach Student Organization. I will help parents connect with teachers, connect teachers with the resources, and will direct the administration to be accessible and accountable to parents, students, and educators. We are living through unique times that require a candidate that knows the challenges our children face today. I’m not a professional politician. I am a parent who understands today’s challenges and not stuck on old solutions for past problems. I promise to bring my experience of being a parent of school-age children, a technologist, and a member of the San Leandro Unified School District to guide us into the future.

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